She Said Yes – Together For Yes (2018)

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As the deadline for the Referendum fast approached and based on the success of our previous effort, the Together For Yes campaigned commissioned us to create a video encouraging people to get out and vote on the day. We decided to go for a lighter tone figuring that by this stage in the, at this point, years-long debate, people would be worn down or dispirited by something too overly serious.

The timescales were so tight that Emily had to begin editing on a flight to the US; it was completed and submitted from a hotel room in Las Vegas.

Emmet Byrne

Cáít Moloney

Pauline Shanahan

Directed and edited by Emily Murray

Director of Photography Robin Guiton

Sound by Paul D’Eath

Written by Jamie Hooper

Special Thanks to Cara Sanquest, Siobhan De Poar, Frank & Chistine Kennedy and Paula Lambert.

It was one of the best performing videos from Together For Yes on social media.

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