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Glimmermen was a web-based transmedia narrative which invited users into the world of An Roinn Anaithnid – the Department of the Unknown. The website acted as an exposé and hub of information about the supernatural beasts and cryptids of Irish folklore which are revealed to actually exist, having been covered up by “Glimmermen” since their inception 1937. Users were presented with four documentary-style videos about Irish monsters, complete with cinematic flashback sequences, special effects and the ever-present Narrator character, who has purportedly created to warn the public about this grand conspiracy. The site also hosted a discussion forum and “hacked” government archive, where much additional information (which adds context and depth to the primary videos) could be found. Parts of the site, including a video finale, were inaccessible without passwords which require close examination of all materials to find. In this way, Glimmermen sought to further the development of transmedia storytelling by attempting to create a self-contained narrative world across multiple formats, accessible from a single location. Glimmermen is also an experiment in the exploitation of Irish folklore for the purposes of pure entertainment and cinematic horror. Great care was taken to imbue the videos and additional materials with elements that thrill, surprise and scare.

The Narrator – Hilary Bowen-Walsh

De Selby – Gerard Byrne

Young Narrator – Elisha Stanley

Síofra – Palomi McDonald

Folklore Professor – Stephen Jack Cullen

Older Máire / Each Uisce – Karen Meenan 

Young Máire – Sophia Jones 

The Soldier – Aidan O’Sullivan

Conor – Conor Maloney 

Eadaoin – Eadaoin Ní Dhubhghaill

Carla – Carla Coleman

Lonan – Lonan Sheppard

Maidhc – Mickey Quigley

Uncle – Peter Quigley

Jane Murray – Glenda Cimino

Soldier #2 – Steve Spada

Mr Kennedy – Leo Collins

Ms. Kennedy – Helen McGrath


This project was by

Janina Franck

Jamie Hooper

Dónal Kennedy

Harry Moylan

Jane Quigley

Dobhar Chú Design by Dylan O’Connor

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